Three years ago, we got the crazy idea to make our dreams come true, and now we share our sailing passion with others in the Caribbean. We are Christian van Eken & Evelien Lauwers, and in 2021 we departed from Scheveningen with the Prestige and crossed the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean.

Sailing on a sailing yacht with a skipper is the ultimate way to enjoy the sun, sea, and sailing. Christian, the skipper, has more than 30 years of sailing experience, multiple sailing certificates, and safety diplomas for the sea. We are happy to take you on one of our trips, teach you how to sail, and show you the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

We learn to adapt to the different places we dock through our passion for sailing and traveling to foreign locations. We can work remotely, and that’s why we combine this with sharing our love for sailing with others and organizing affordable sailing trips.